About me

Why use my service


My experience from various industries allows me to adapt to your needs


A view from the outside can reveal the unseen


A clearly defined task that will save you money and bring effective solutions


You will obtain tools supporting the monitoring of key HR indicators throughout the whole lifecycle of an employee


An expert from the outside is always more open to changes


The objective of the engagement is a demonstrable improvement

My story has begun …

… just like yours. I had confidence in myself and decided to take my fate into my hands, making use of the knowledge, skills and experience gained over many years, and established my own company.

The solid foundations of my career are my background in social work, human resources management and commerce. Commerce in the international environment has taught me to understand that each company is established for the purpose of generating profit and that the activities performed within a company are a means to achieve economic results.

My background in social work and human resources management helps me to be perceptive to the stories of the people inside a company and treat the stories with respect. I do not look at the employees only as „human resources“.

  • I offer realistic solutions for work with people for people.
  • I do not advise based on what I have just read somewhere. I share my experience gained over several years.
  • I trust in common sense and simplicity of procedures.
  • I am happy to share what I have learned in my professional career.

I believe that if you like what you are doing, you are bound to be successful. This is the very approach I adopt when working for my clients. I help organisations create an environment in which their people can be successful.

My values

Respect and partnership 

I respect the individuality of each person. I listen to people's needs and create an environment of trust, respect and tolerance. I believe in teamwork and open communication. 


I always act in the benefit of the client. I work honestly and I play fair.



I continuously work on myself and upgrade my knowledge. I apply my knowledge and experience for the benefit of my clients. Through innovations, I can bring the best, successful solutions.

… more than

hours of provided training

years of experience

consulting hours provided to my clients

I will help you define the direction


Code of Ethics

I abide by the Trainer´s Code of Ethics 


I am a member of the Czech Association of Coaches

I am a founding member of the Association of Social Workers


All material used in the training ( textbooks, e-presentations, case studies, games) are subject to copyright. They cannot be used, copied or otherwise distributed without a written consent.

Contact details

PhDr. Ivana Olivová

Tel: 604 484 326
Email: info@viaoliva.cz

Skype: konzultace.brno

Address:Pod kaštany 22, 616 00 Brno

Company ID: 60022736
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Bank details: Air Bank,a.s.
Bank account No. 105 629 5025/3030