I am a Human Relations consultant. 

Human Relations Consultancy

I will help you define the direction and build the right team


Interim management

I will help you keep the helm under control


Seminars and Trainings

I will help you build a competent team

... more than

hours of provided training

years of experience

consulting hours provided to my clients

I will help you define the direction



Code of Ethics

I abide by the Trainer´s Code of Ethics 


I am a member of the Czech Association of Coaches

I am a founding member of the Association of Social Workers


All material used in the training ( textbooks, e-presentations, case studies, games) are subject to copyright. They cannot be used, copied or otherwise distributed without a written consent.

Contact details

PhDr. Ivana Olivová

Tel: 604 484 326
Email: info@viaoliva.cz

Skype: konzultace.brno

Address:Pod kaštany 22, 616 00 Brno

Company ID: 60022736
(I am not a VAT payer)

Bank details: Air Bank,a.s.
Bank account No. 105 629 5025/3030