Workshops and Trainings

I will help you build a competent team

I am a coach, a trainer and a mentor. I lead soft-skill trainings in the form of model situations with elements of project management.

I focus on useful methods, making use of my real-life corporate experience. The objective is a maximum applicability of the new knowledge in the everyday professional life.

I specialize in the enhancement and development of key competencies, I help to develop teamwork, internal motivation and communication, to build a long-term relationship with customers and strengthen the company brand.

The content of the corporate trainings is always prepared on an individual basis and with the understanding of the client’s needs.

Why attend my courses?

I am a practically oriented person. I make complex theories and methods as simple as possible.

I do not teach. I help you anchor what you already know on an intuitive level.

I guide you through your quest for new methods and your own ways useful for your every-day work.

I promote mutual sharing of experience and good practice  



Code of Ethics

I abide by the Trainer´s Code of Ethics 


I am a member of the Czech Association of Coaches

I am a founding member of the Association of Social Workers


All material used in the training ( textbooks, e-presentations, case studies, games) are subject to copyright. They cannot be used, copied or otherwise distributed without a written consent.

Contact details

PhDr. Ivana Olivová

Tel: 604 484 326

Skype: konzultace.brno

Address:Pod kaštany 22, 616 00 Brno

Company ID: 60022736
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Bank details: Air Bank,a.s.
Bank account No. 105 629 5025/3030